What you have at your fingertips

The Cottage Lusatian Mountains is situated in a picturesque village in the Lusatian Mountains, which is surrounded by magnificent unspoiled nature, historical monuments and sports activities. The surrounding area offers you a wide range of possibilities to fill in the free time of your stay. In our short list we have chosen a few tips on the trip, which is worth their visit. Choose your cup of coffee and enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

Castles & Chateaus

  • Oybin Castle (8 km)-the ruins of the Nagorno-Castle on the same hill.
  • State Castle Lemberk (12 km)-Lämberg is a Renaissance chateau. The Zdislava of Lemberk, blessed by the Pope Pius X in 1907, and declared holy John Paul II in 1995. Preserved black kitchen from the 17th century.
  • Rock Castle Column (20 km)-a castle standing on a rock in the village of a column in Bohemia.
  • The Imperial residence of the Habsburg castle Zákupy (23 km)-the castle is surrounded by a large park. Renaissance Castle from the 16th century with an English and French park and a moat with a bear. You will see an extant elevator for Emperor Ferdinand “good” and become acquainted with interiors of imperial life.
  • State Castle Grabštejn (32 km)-it will provide you with a tour of St. John’s Chapel. Barbara with a unique Renaissance painting the prospect of Germany and Poland. Accessible interior spaces that allow you to become acquainted with the life of the nobility and the Dominion and servants.
  • Castle and Chateau Frýdlant (40 km)-the oldest accessible castle in Central Europe. Visiting the castle and Chateau Frýdlant in Bohemia will not disappoint you, it is preserved and has recently been cooked in the kitchen and in the pantry there are waiting for you archival preserves. The kitchen has the largest collection of copper dishes. Tours of the rooms and living quarters reveal the mysteries of the Castle Lords ‘ recent times.
  • Castle Houska (53 km)-a visit to the castle with the possibility of sightseeing. According to legend, the built castle was on a rock that led Gap to hell.
  • The magical Castle of Sychrov with a large beautiful park (54 km)-neo-Gothic castle with a large English park with rare trees and garden buildings. Visit the Orangerii Garden and enjoy delicious coffee, dessert, cup, cake or English toast. The castle was often a prominent Czech composer Antonín Dvořák.
  • Bezděz Castle (57 km)-Visit the King of castles and take a hike from Doks on the Máchově road.
  • Castle Trosky (71 km)-up to 100.000 visitors will make a trip to the state castle ruins. The biggest dominant of the Bohemian paradise. The view of the beauty of the Bohemian countryside is breathtaking and memorable.
  • State Castle Hrubý Rohozec (59 km)-accessible all floors of the original mansions owners and mysterious medieval cellars.

Water & Fishing

3 of 5 definitely worth seeing

Fishing, ponds and swimming in sandstone rocks


Paddleboard  or rent Kayak on Ploučnice

  • Walking trip to the ice Cave and the Valley of the reservoir of Hope (4 km)-the largest Czech ice cave, in which the ice lasts all year. One of the nicest natural attractions in the area.
  • Macha Lake and Macha region (41 km)-Máchovo Lake is the largest pond in the Liberec region. In the Doksy of Lake Macha You can ride a steamboat with a view of the Bezdez Castle. Take a ride to boating, pedal boats or you can rent a paddle board on the quiet surface of the lake. The challenge is to try windsurfing, ask for advice you can even instructor or sign up for a windsurfing school.
  • Aquapark Staré Splavy -Amusement water park for children and adults with swimming pool
  • Olbersdorfer See (16 km)-a German lake with a wide network of cycle paths not only for bicycles and for roller skates
  • Swimming-Pool column in Bohemia (15 km)-in the summer months the most visited swimming pool in the district. Possibility to hire boats or pedal boats.
  • Ponds in Kunratice (6 km)
  • Trip to Děčín by boat to Germany


  • Camping Jablonné v Podještědí (12 km)
  • Kytlice (23 km)
  • Bezdorfer See (40 km)
  • Hamr na jezeře (20 km)-water lift wakeboarding
  • Česká Lípa Wakesport Dubice (24 km)
  • Kurort Jonsdorf (5 km)

Biking & Nature Trails

In the vicinity of the Lusatian Mountain Cottage you have a large selection of bike routes and hiking trails. Walk Tůrou, walk or bike to visit the beauties of mountains and hills and beautiful surroundings.
For sporting performance you will be rewarded with a seating area in the local restaurants with a good beer, or you can enjoy a barbecue in the garden by the cottage and still opečete the hearth.

Come and try Singltrek under Spruce

Nature Trails

  • Educational Trail Brazilka
  • Educational Trail Dymník
  • Educational Trail Jánské kameny
  • Nature trail U Křížového buku
  • Lusatian and Zittau Mountains educational Trail
  • Nature trail Studénka
  • Forest Nature Trail Sokol
  • Nature Trail Údolí pod Klíčem
  • Mining educational trail Údolím Milířky
  • Köglerova Educational Trail Krásnolipskem
  • Monument Nature Trail Mühlsteinbrüche
  • Nature Trail around Waltersdorf
  • Monumental Nature Trail Waltersdorf
  • Alte Leipaer Strasse Educational Trail

Horses & Riding Hall

Are you a horse lover or would you like to experience a horse ride in the quiet forests? We have places for you that Klapou horse horseshoes and their surroundings can be seen from the saddle, which will show you the world from the nicest view of the horse’s back. Stables We lined up by the distance, so it is only up to you how much time you want to spend on the horse side.

  • Malevil (6.2 km) – Malevil offers training under trenérským supervision and recreational nature Tours , which are available to you after a telephone reservation.
  • Nord Ranch (28.2 km), near the village of Zákupy, is a ranch that acts as the Real American Quarter Horsebreed. At Nord Ranch, the owner of Plemeníky, who belongs among the peaks and gives its descendants magical golden coloured fur with black ponytail and mane. The tour is possible after a telephone arrangement.
  • Vrchovany (49, 1 km) – Scenic tour of nature, agro-tourism, children’s horse camps, races and training. All this is provided by horse lovers Studničkovi in their stables in Vrchovanech. Horses are dedicated to their whole life and their breeding is specialized in Haflingerské breed originating in Austria. Your gaze so kidnap hectares of horse paddocks with a gold-beige fur that boasts a white mane and a tail. The rides and training are possible after a telephone arrangement.

Skiing & Nordic

  • Ski resort Podluží (14 km)-550m long illuminated slope with two lifts, outdoor snack, but also with hot kitchen
  • Ski Resort Waltersdorf (14 km)-the border area of the Lusatian Mountains in Germany
  • Polevsko (16 km)-another ski resort near with one lift and Snowparkem
  • Ski areál Jedlová (16 km)-The best option for skiing in the Lusatian Mountains including Snow Park, cross-country trails, ski school and ski rentals. The peak of the complex is located at a height of 774 m
  • Ještěd (36 km)-a peak with a television transmitter, a gondola lift and an unforgettable view of all the world’s parties or the dominant of the city of Liberec. In the winter months, ještěd is used for skiing.
  • Javorník (46 km)-a ski resort near Liberec, an amazing plain for families with children, the reward is a restaurant with excellent cuisine in a giant barrel and takes you from the lift horse cart. I recommend booking for lunch time.

You can build a snowman behind the cottage. the carrots on the nose are, the rhinestones place the eyes and meringue too and the pot on the head and the paws of the twig from the garden can also be found.

Cross-country and cross-country skiing trails are both on the Czech and German sides and when the snow is very well groomed.

For families with children

Trips around the cottage Lusatian Hory for families with children, for couples in love and working groups and collectives.

  • Butterfly House, Jonsdorf Germany (9 km)-a botanical and magical environment full of wild-flying butterflies. You’ll see monkeys, reptiles, fish in spacious terrariums. A good visit for moms with strollers.
  • Glass Tavern AJETO (14 km)-Lindava with own vyfouknutím.
  • FIR Sports Area (12 km)-possibility to rent scooters
  • DinoPark Liberec (45 km)
  • ZOO and Botanical Garden Liberec (45 km)
  • Babylon Center
  • Liberec Aquapark
  • Lunapark
  • IQpark
  • Malevil (6 km)-mini zoo, golf, children’s playground
  • Silver Mine (14 km)-Jiřetín under Fir
  • Lookout Tower Forest Hochwald, Germany (7 km)-one of the most famous hills of the Lusatian Mountains on the border with Germany-Hochwald/forest (750 m N. M.) with an observation tower and restaurant. Forest-German Hochwald is on today’s Czech-Saxon border. Its height reaches 750 meters above sea level. Forest ranks among the highest points of the Lusatian mountains. After a demanding ascent, your reward is a view around the round and a visit to the restaurant, which offers local delicacies, including delicious homemade cakes and coffee, tea or grog in winter to warm up. The tower is 20 metres high.
  • The picturesque town of Jablonné in Podještědí-one of the oldest Severočeské Doly cities dating from the 13th A century full of attractions – the place of rest of the Holy Zdislavy and the only city in Bohemia visited by Napoleon I. Visit the town’s Gothic fortifications, originally the Romanesque-Gothic church of the Virgin Mary’s birth. Later rebuilt to the brewery and is now adapted to the observation tower. The most important building of this place is the Basilica minor Sv. Lawrence and SV. Zdislavy.
  • Trip to Zdislavin pramen – ice and crystal clear water for energy and health, gushing from Sandstone Ridge, Oasis of Park Nature, Empire Arbour with benches and chapel of St. Zdislavy decorated with eight columns and a massive dome. The Dalimilova Chronicle writes that Zdislava, using a spring, returned sight to blind, healed lepers, people with skin diseases, lame and seriously ill.


Are you looking for an unusual place for your company teambuilding and want something unusual? The cottage in Lusatian Mountains offers you the ideal space for your corporate events. Games, team sports or other sporting activities are the best team utužením for your employees. This and much more, you can provide the surroundings of the cottages and thus ensure unforgettable corporate moments. Each experiential teambuilding is a cornerstone for a properly functioning company culture, thanks to which a healthy team collaborationis created. Indulge your employees with an extraordinary experience in the form of a tailor-made company event with accommodation in the right Chalupářské roubence.

  • Malevil (6 km)-golf, bulging, beach volleyball, tennis
  • Via Ferrata v Jonsdorfu (6 km)
  • Skalický budulínek (21 km)
  • Glass Tavern (14 km)-excursion with vyfouknutím of own jug
  • Pivovar Cvikov (10 km), a 10-minute drive or a bike ride in 20 minutes. The Brewery in Cvikov offers tasting of all kinds of beers with a tour of the grounds. The kitchen is delicious, I recommend.

Via Ferrata

Ferrata is a natural mountain path, secured by fixed ropes, iron footrestss, footbridges and other safety features in difficult and inaccessible pedestrian terrain. Ferrata is a challenge for snowshoe hiking lovers and stays in the mountains. Less demanding ferrata are around the Lusatian mountains and for families with children. People searching for inaccessible places and thanks to the security of the mountain roads have the opportunity to see the magical places of nearby log cabins in the Lusatian mountains. In the vicinity of the cottage Lusatian Hory you will find several places for this adrenaline sport. Use the cottages for the weekend and diversify your stay a day trip to Ferrata is an amazing combination of stay in the mountain air, the place of rest and rest and use the climbing equipment on ferrata. In the vicinity of the Lusatian Mountains are beautiful ferrata and you can visit them in the German part of the Lusatian Mountains-Zittauer Gebirge.

  • Alpiner Grat – Airy Alpine Ridge. Distance from the House of Lusatian Mountains 8 km. Near the village of Oybin. A natural mountain path secured in difficult and inaccessible walking terrain. The Alpiner Grat is one of the most demanding via Ferrata in the tourist resort of the Zittau Mountains protected landscape area. It runs along a sandstone rock ridge. This route is one of the most beautiful adrenaline experiences.
  • Nonnensteig – A well-wired nun. Distance from the House of Lusatian Mountains 10 km. A wired nun-Nonnensteig is a medium-heavy ferrata near our chalet in the German air spa Jonsdorf.
  • Magical and among the most beautiful places is the area Saxon Switzerland. Distance from the House Lusatian Mountains 24 km. Offers you ferrata Hantzschelstiege, Zwillingsstiege and Wilde Holle
  • Riesenboulder. Distance from the House of Lusatian Mountains 25 km
  • The place of Spitzberg is near the German town of Žitavy – Zittau near the small town of Oberoderwitz. Distance from the House of Lusatian Mountains 25 km. Quiet climbing area with two short secured paths: Apollofalter and Reisenboulde. The VIA ferrata route is short and easy and via ferrata is excellent for beginners. Apollofalter is suitable for beginners and families with children who want to try the movement after a secured journey and work with ferrata equipment. On the Reisenboulder route you will not be bored for the difficulty of Ferrata.
  • Via Ferrata Pastýřská stěna – Děčín. Distance from the cottage Lusatian Mountain 38km
  • Kurt und Georg Löwinger Steig German, Dresden-Dresden distance from the cottage Lusatian hory 107 km. Dresden, Tharandter Strasse, Germany GPS coordinates: 51 ° 01 ‘ 22.57/13 ° 41 ‘ 18.00
  • Saschensteige (Dresden, Germany) distance from the Lusatian Mountain Cottage 107 km. Dresden-Dresden, Tharandter Strasse, Germany GPS 51 ° 01 ‘ 22.57/13 ° 41 ‘ 18.00


When you stay at our chalet by the pool, we offer you a full list where you can visit and use the golf courses. In the vicinity of the Lusatian Mountains, take advantage of the golf courses in enchanting and breathtaking surroundings.

  • Royal Golf Club Malevil (5 km)-Royal Golf Club Malevil is located within reach of the cottage Lusatian Mountain. The eighteen-hole golf course is in the place of forests, pastures and hills of
    the Lusatian Mountains. Location: 50 ° 47 ‘ 58.01 “N; 14 ° 42 ‘ 49.23” E
  • Golf Club Grabštejn (24 km)-a magical place with a golf game and a view of Grabštějn Castle.
    Location: 50 ° 50 ´ 31.677 “N, 14 ° 52 ´ 49,957” E
  • Golf Resort Česká Lípa (23 km)-Golf Resort Česká Lípa was built on the northern edge of Česká Lipa. The resort includes a modern fully irrigated 18-hole course with par 72 (2×36) for about 70ti hectares with quality training facilities and restaurants. In addition to the carefully prepared playing areas, the players will especially appreciate the magnificent views around the Lusatian Mountains, the Czech central Mountains, Ještěd and the Bezděz Castle.
    Location: 50.7148575 N, 14.5494086 E
  • Golf Resort Janov u Hřenska (37 km), situated in the beautiful surroundings of Bohemian Switzerland.
  • Golf Club Ypsilon (39 km)-the second best course for the year 2015 is just this Liberec course Ypsilon.
    Location: 50.8161125 N, 15.0663069 E
  • Golf Club Liberec (35 km)-beautiful environment of the golf course in Liberec.
    Address: 50.7894403 N, 15.0147647 E
  • Golf Club Ještěd (37 km)-one of the most beautiful Czech golf courses in Ještěd. A wide range of services, close to the Babylon centre in Liberec.
    Address: 50.7019344 N, 14.9755808 E

Golf equipment can be rented in all resorts. Enjoy delicious food after a golf game in a pleasant environment Lusatian the mountains of sandstone beauties around you. Use the environment for relaxation and sitting with friends. Some courses also have children’s playgrounds for the seizure of neposedných children accompanying parents, grandparents, friends or friends of the golf game have not yet come to taste and their presence is missing after the end of your royal game.

Organic Farms & Manufacturing

Visit the shop and manufacturer with local products and specialties. Bring your visit from our cottage from your holiday home in memory or as a gift to your loved ones from the region you have just visited.

  • Mýdlárna Rubens-You can get a herbal experience from the factory and enjoy the local restaurant in the picturesque village of Pink. You can take part in workshops from Easter to Christmas.
  • Glass Tavern excursion with Vyfouknutím own jug AJETO LASVIT Lindava (14 km)
  • Ecofarm karass production and sale of dairy products and domestic products karasy at the Castle Pond, garden (32 km)


Culture & Education

  • Museum Čtyřlístku
    visit with children Pinďu and his friends at the museum and learn more about the series Clover
  • Muzeum Nový Bor – Lužické hory
    The town of Nový Bor has dedicated its history to the glassmaking tradition. The first museum was opened in new Bor in the year 1893. Even today, the museum is still dedicated to…
  • House of Bohemian Switzerland-Beautiful Lipa Museum Kamenický Šenov
    The Museum of Kamenický Šenov was founded in the year 1923 with a focus on the history of glass-making. It exhibits a unique collection of engraved and cut glass from the 17th 20. Century…


  • Lookout Tower Hvozd, Germany. One of the most famous hills of the Lusatian Mountains on the border with Germany – Hochwald/forest (750 m N. M.) with an observation tower and restaurant. Forest-German Hochwald is on today’s Czech-Saxon border. Its height reaches 750 meters above sea level. Forest ranks among the highest points of the Lusatian mountains. After a demanding ascent, your reward is a view around the round and a visit to the restaurant, which offers local delicacies, including delicious homemade cakes and coffee, tea or grog in winter to warm up. The tower is 20 metres high.
  • Go to elephants-white stones of elephant stones 21 km towards Liberec. Natural attractions, sandstone rocks reminiscent of a group of elephants.
  • Take a picture on the Panenská skála as a proud princess in the Czech popular fairy tale 21 km from the cottage. A natural monument reminiscent of an organ, which is so also called. Filmed here fairy tale proud Princess
  • The view from the Klíč hill. The fourth highest mountain of the Lusatian Mountains. From the top there is a beautiful view of the whole Lusatian Mountains, the Czech central Mountains and Ještěd.
  • And from the garden behind the Lusatian Mountain Cottage is the closest prospect to the region of Pašeráckého Vrch Luž and in the vicinity there is a wide hill-Rybniště and a view of the guard-a column in Bohemia.
  • Unique Lookout Tower Heřmanice if you drive through Germany and Poland is 34 km. Year-round lookout tower with a view of the surrounding area.
  • Prospect of Kipphorn-Saxon Switzerland
  • Vilemínina stěna -Jetřichovice
  • Lookout Rozhledna Studenec
  • Viewpoint Ploučnická vyhlídka – Benešov nad Ploučnicí
  • Stoličná Hora-Děčín, Czech Switzerland
  • Cross Hill Křížový vrch – Rynartice u Jetřichovic
  • Raven Rocks Havraní skály -Nový Bor, Lusatian Mountains 17. Hrádek-Burgsberg, Varnsdorf
  • Spravedlnost-Lusatian Mountains
  • Chřibský Vrch-Bohemian Switzerland
  • Hollow Stone Dutý kámen 
  • Prospects over Hřenskem-Hřensko
  • Lookout tower Janov u Hřensko
  • Mountain Pfaffenstein-Saxon Switzerland
  • Shepherd’s Wall Pastýřská stěna-Děčín
  • Pink Ridge Růžový hřeben -Decin, Czech Switzerland
  • Owl Viewpoint Soví vyhlídka-Brtníky, Czech Switzerland 27. Dancer-Mikulášovice
  • The viewpoint of Kvádrberk-Děčín
  • Lookout Tower Dymník-Rumburk
  • Mountain Lookout Tower Vlčí hora
  • Watchtower – Rozhledna na stráži – Sloup v Čechách

Forests & Mushroom Picking

The cottage includes a forest, which is full of mushrooms and its paths are lined with coniferous trees. There are birds singing on the branches and bouncing srnkyamong the trees that zalekly your presence. Even so, the surrounding cottages, which inherently belong to the true Chalupářské atmosphere. Each one of us likes to go out into the woods, and he still prefers to come back with a basket full of mushroomsin his hand. Here you will find a small list of forests, which are always full of mushrooms, thanks to their small attendance of passionate mushroom pickers. Whether you are Mushroomer or not, the mushroom is the trophy of each výletníka. Bring your own and visit for example:

  • Forest Svitavský les
  • Forest Plešivec
  • Forest Novobrazilský les
  • Forest Lužický les
  • Forest Juliovka
  • Forest Čihadlovský les


  • The brewery Lobeč -far from the cottage is 56 km. The reopened handicraft Brewery was solemnly blessed on Saturday 30. May 2015. Visitors have a uniquely conceived guided tour with brewery exposition and tasting. In the old Varna, the Operation brewing the pub with the sale of lobečského beer and simple refreshment.
  • The Zwickau brewery is 10 km away and is a 10-minute drive or bike ride in 20 minutes. Brewery in Cvikov offers tasting of all kinds of beers with
    a tour of the kitchen area is excellent, we recommend.
  • Skalický budulínek -21 km. Family microbrewery. The possibility of a tasting evening with a small snack and a beer brewing course.
  • Svijany Brewery -You are a car in the brewery in less than an hour. Visit the Private brewery and sample up to 12 kinds of beers.


  • The spa centre of Jonsdorf, the Lusatian Mountains, a German village just behind the hill from the cottage Lusatian Mountain. It is one of three important tourist centers of the protected landscape area Zittau Hory. The Butterfly House (Schmetterlingshaus Johnsdorf) was built in the year 2004 with year-round operation. It has 2 parts, with hundreds of butterflies flying in the Dome Hall, free-running quail for the remnants. In the main, one-storey entrance building is outside the reception with Czech-German staff and children’s playroom a number of panels with information, a sea aquarium, glazed boxes with many turtles, lizards and monkeys. [4] outside is park with a number of lakes and fountains. In the sandstone rocks of Nonnenfelsen , there are educational routes -backed via Ferrat. Near the village there are two tourist crossings to Bohemia: for Krkavčích Skály for scenic routes and for climbers lower light -Jonsdorf, the second is Krompach Jonsdorf.
  • Chrastava Thermal baths to Termálu are a 20-minute drive away. Open in summer, in winter. The spa will offer you mineral water high in iron and mineral salt water from the depths of the earth, sauna, treatments and many other services.
  • Medical Spa Libverda 50 km. If you are angry with joints, back or heart and vascular diseases visit these picturesque spas.