About the Cottage

About the Cottage

Bedroom & Sleeping

The cottage has 10 beds. What do you sleep in? The beds have anti-allergenic blankets and pillows. All mattresses in the building are medical. and mattresses are fitted with protectors. The beds are coated with a stretch cotton sheet. All sheets are made of damask material made tailored to order from Czech textile production from a renowned company with Czech production tradition.

Where do you sleep?

  1. The bedroom upstairs has a large double bed, bedside tables and 2 dressers. In the cold season it is possible to use a portable heat electric body.
  2. The bedroom has 2 separate double beds, bedside table and 2 dressers. In the cold season it is possible to use a portable heat electric body.
  3. You will visit the attic by folding stairs. Sleeping in the attic is magical, at night silence and darkness Tmoucí and you hear only the hooting sýčků and the bubbling stream under the window. It is the most popular place for children and Teenagri. The attic is covered over the entire area with a light carpet.

The mattress is repositioned as needed for sleeping and at your leisure.

A full service of cleaning and washing is provided for us laundry.

The bedrooms overlook the garden with swimming pool.

With garden sitting and roofed seating at the cottage

Outdoor Seating & Garden

The rear part of the cottage has privacy under a sheltered shelter. A chalet for friends, a chalet for a friend, a Roubenka for a group of a family, a large room for a celebration, a space for a group of colleagues from work, a cottage for a team and you will surely enjoy it.

In the garden you can sit by the open-air fireplace, opečete buřtíka and bread on the toasting bars, or drink with friends under the starry skies, enjoy a glass of good wine and a mug of beer. Local pubs that make you beer in a PET bottle or in a prepared mug of a cottage is enough. Beer is all about Plzeň, Gambrinus, Svijany or the local brewery Zwickau.

The place around the cottage in the garden is enough for the family to celebrate, for bacheloring with Freedom, for a group of friends who drove out beyond the city for sport and in peace outside the office to clear their heads and relax their minds and clean the body in the mountain air.

A cottage of the Lusatian Mountains with a large, spacious, well-kept garden. The whole garden is fenced. The Svahovitá Garden is created for winter fun. On Bob and sucking. A family with children will build a snowman and when children go zaskotačit themselves and win in the garden. From the room of all the windows you can see them.

In the garden is the Patron saint of the cottage with fairy. With regret we had to defeat our beloved tree, which he oversaw for many years in the whole cottage. Everyone is getting older, and we feared that he would roll over us with his love. And then Filip Kadri came from Karas and imprinted our tree again to the soul and face.

The terraced landscaped garden around the cottage is a plane suitable for wheelchairs and handicapped. There is a sufficient level of flat and modified space. Wheelchair access from the garden to the house. Behind the cottage of the fence is an embedded sandstone reservoir with flowing water. We offer a large number of natural charms and beauties, undiscovered corners of Czech many meadows and groves.

Cottage with many possibilities, during the day to go on trips and spend the evening in the garden near the cottage

Room, kitchen & dining area

Welcome in a stylish cottage atmosphere, the sun warms up the entire room and in winter you can sink in the wood-fired fireplace.

On the ground floor of log cabins is a large room with kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with dishes, fridge, ceramic 2 hotplates, heat oven, kettle, Krups-coffee maker for Nespresso capsules. The Adjustable extendable dining table is for 8-10 people. The room has a TV, satellite, DVD player and two sofa beds. WI-FI is available in the cottage. The cottage is covered by a spacious terrace with wooden garden furniture. Fire alarms and extinguishers were placed in the cottage.

If you do not suffice the refrigerator located in the kitchen counter, you can use the cold cellar space to preserve some food. vegetables, fruits or beverages.

The underfloor heating is tempered and warmly heated to the temperature you choose.

Fireplace stoves located in room, vents to the upper floor and a combination with underfloor heating all over the ground floor.

The whole building is treated against unwanted insects and the whole cottage has no problems with unwanted insects (harassment, cobwebs etc…). The objects are treated both from the outside and from the inside. Disinfestation a means against spiders, ants, wasps, hornets and other insects.

Do you know where to go for nature, tranquility, sport? Come to us

Bathroom & WC

On the ground floor of the cottage is one large, spacious, bright bathroom with underfloor heating. Here you have a spacious shower with a Ravak shower seat, a corner bathtub and plenty of storage space around the bathtub. The bathroom has 1 washbasin and wooden storage benches, where you can prepare terry towels of Czech textile production from a renowned company with Czech production tradition VEBA. The bathroom is equipped with hygienic needs, a shower gel for women and men, shampoo, liquid soap, cleansing swabs, towel and toothpaste. The bathroom has a window to the garden. A mirror with separate lighting is placed above the washbasin. In the bathroom on the wall is a hanged electrically heated thermal heating ladder for towels. Hot water is prepared by electric boiler for year-round preparation of hot water in the cottage.

The cottage has 2 separate toilets available. Toilets are not part of the bathroom. The toilet has a washbasin, liquid soap and terry towels. Toilet paper, detergents, vúně and toilets are always prepared for you, as well as basic women’s hygienic needs. There is a basket in every room near the toilet. A mirror hangs on the ground floor above the washbasin, and this room has a window to the garden.

In the corridor in 2. The entrance door is an electrically powered boiler that heats up the water during the year-round washing operation.

Around the cottage is a wide range of stylish restaurants and guesthouses


The corridors of the Lusatian Mountains Cottage are bright and spacious. The corridor on the ground floor with tiled floors is equipped with floor regulovatelným heating in the entire area. In the hallway on the ground floor at the front door there is an alarm system installed – a signal, when each visitor gets its security code and when leaving and before locking the cottage you secure the cottage before leaving. On the ground floor of the door is suspended 1. Fire extinguisher.

The cottage has 2 entrances. The main entrance is the entrance with 4 sandstone stages-stairs. 2. The rear entrance under the shelter of the cottage is most often used from the comfort of the entrance with one step and it is possible to provide the entrance for wheelchair users and disabled persons. For every door there are light switches for comfort and safety in motion, during the evening and night operation in the cottage.

Upper Corridor in 1. The above-ground floor is made of wooden planks and the entire floor on this floor is wooden, planked. In this corridor there is a wooden wardrobe with fleecovýmied blankets, a spare blanket and a pillow, and there are substitute sheets with a sheet.

The window on the 1st floor has a rattan table and 4 chairs, a comfortable armchair with taburetkem on the legs, and this sofa set is povlíknutaed into soft padding. Space for those who look for a moment of peace to read a book or a magazine. Children are very fond of pohoví in the chair or play a selected table game at the table.

From the corridor In the 1st The floor is entered on the folding stairs to 2. Floor to attic or attic areas. There is also a separate WC with washbasin. And you can walk out of this corridor in 2 bedrooms. 1 bedroom has 1 large double bed and 2 bedrooms has 2 separate double beds.

In the corridor at 1. The floor is equipped with a children’s wooden cot, which is always prepared for a small visitor. And because the crib has wheels, you can relocate your cot to suit your needs.

to 1. Floors are forbidden to enter in Botech because the stairs are made of solid wood and the floors are wooden and must be protected against damage.

Svahovitá Garden is created for winter fun-on Bob and sucking


Cottage with cellar allows you to use rooms for cooling alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The cellar is emptied, spacious and freshly painted.

The whole building is treated against unwanted insects and the whole cottage has no problems with unwanted insects (harassment, cobwebs etc…). The objects are treated both from the outside and from the inside.

Disinfestation a means against spiders, ants, wasps, hornets and other insects.

Cellar is below the garden level, there are 2 windows in the summer months still ventilated room.

A sandstone staircase leads into the cellar and the space is all bricked and painted purely.

In the cellar there is a main water seal and meter.

You can rent our cottage in both summer and winter months


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