Pricelist of services

Pricelist of services

Pricelist of accommodation/rental

313 EUR/night
626 EUR/Weekend


320 EUR/night
640 EUR/Weekend


320 EUR/night
640 EUR/Weekend


418 EUR/night
minimum 4 nights

New Years Eve

418 EUR/night
minimum 4 nights


368 EUR/night
minimum 2 nights


Operation, fees, prices

  • Capacity 10 persons-3 bedrooms
  • Minimum length of accommodation 2 nights
  • Refundable deposit 5000 EUR or 200 EUR
  • Free Wifi
  • Parking on private grounds or in the garden free of charge

The price includes recreational fees, all energy, grill, wooden briquettes for grill, wood, bath towels, bed linen, basic hygienic needs and cleaning products, use of wooden cot and children’s high chair.

Accommodation regulations

Cottage Lusatian Mountains Lower Light 34, 471 57 Mařenice
issued by landlord
Hana Nepivodová Zahrádky 73, 47101 Zahrádky
Tel. 736 671 784 E-mail:

As general terms and conditions of accommodation agreement pursuant to § 2326 et seq. Z. No. 89/2012 Coll. Noz

Article I.

Introductory provisions

These terms and conditions apply to the rental in the accommodation for short-term recreation “Chalupa Lužické hory Dolní Světlá 34”.

The parties to the contractual relationship are on the one hand the landlord and on the other hand the customer, who is tentatively booking the stay for accommodated persons.

The client or the resident who is listed in the contract represent all the participants in the settlement of matters relating to accommodation.

By confirming the reservation and signing the contract, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions contained in the accommodation regulations and is responsible for their compliance by all persons ubytovanýými on the basis of a signed contract.

The accommodation agreement, the landlord undertakes to provide the customer with temporary accommodation for a Ujednanou time in the facility designated for that purpose and the customer undertakes to pay proprietor for accommodation within the time limit set by the accommodation regulations.

From all residents of foreign nationals, the landlord will require the submission of an identity card to identify the data needed for registration in the book of Z.č. 326/1999 Coll. on the residence of aliens in the territory of the Czech Republic.

Article II.

Establishment of a contractual relationship

The contractual relationship between the landlord and the customer arises under the accommodation agreement “booking confirmation” on the part of the customer and payment of the deposit for accommodation in favor of the proprietor account. After agreement of the parties, reservations can be confirmed by telephone “in exceptional cases, when the customer does not have Internet access”. The Parties to the Parties agree to use both postal and electronic communications. The notifications made by the two contracting entities shall be valid and binding on both entities as if they were drawn up in writing.

In the case of a bulk reservation, the landlord will always act with only one selected group representative, who has full legal capacity for legal acts. Reservation is possible under the conditions of:

  • Without prior agreement, accounting distribution is not provided for individual residents
  • The minimum length of stay is 2 days, unless otherwise agreed
  • The number of guests can be max. To the number of accommodation capacity
  • The selected group representative shall pay a deposit of 10-50% of the total price of the stay
  • The selected representative of the group is responsible for familiarising all members of the group with these accommodation regulations and is responsible for damages caused by any member of the group
  • In case of breach of the accommodation order by one person in the group, the stay of this person may be terminated without compensation
  • In the event of repeated violations of the accommodation order, the stay may be terminated by the whole group without compensation

Article III.

Price of stay and payment terms

The price of the stay means the price stated in the reservation system, the accommodation agreement (e-mail)received by the customer after confirmation of the binding reservation. The final price includes accommodation, recreation fee, final cleaning, firewood for heating the interior of the accommodation in the normal use, water, possible use of the swimming pool. Firewood for external use (fireplace) only in agreement with landlord.

Unless otherwise agreed, the customer is obliged to pay an advance of 10-50% of the total price of the accommodation. The deposit must be paid within 7 calendar days from the confirmation of the binding reservation to the proprietor account. In the event of a timely non-payment of the stay, the landlord may cancel the reservation and offer the accommodation capacity to another person, while the cancellation fees will continue to be enforced under the cancellation conditions referred to in article 2 (1). Vii. Accommodation regulations, unless otherwise agreed between the landlord and the customer. The remainder of the agreed price for accommodation is payable on the day of arrival in cash (credit cardsare not accepted by the landlord). In the event of early termination of the stay, the customer will not be entitled to return part of the price of the stay. If the purchaser does not pay the price in time, the landlord may, after fulfilling his contractual and statutory obligations, require payment of interest on arrears.

Article IV.


The property has the right to use rooms reserved for accommodation, including the common areas of the accommodation facilities. Without prior agreement, the landlord, or the person authorized by him, accommodates only the persons declared within the period from 15 hours to 17 hours of the respective day, the determination of the exact time for accommodation the customer has to agree with landlord. The accommodation is obliged to leave the room on the day of departure no later than 10:00 hours, unless otherwise agreed. On the day of arrival, the keys to the accommodation shall be transmitted to the House, which shall not be transferred to third parties. When passing the keys from the accommodation facility, the landlord selects a refundable deposit of CZK 5.000. In the loss, or other misuse of keys, the accommodation is obliged to pay proprietor contractual penalty of CZK 1.000, which does not affect the right proprietor to claim compensation for damage caused. Mandatory reservation of beds is secured within 20 hours of the respective day, unless otherwise agreed. Transport to the place of residence is individual without the possibility of reimbursement of related costs. Parking of motor vehicles is possible in front of the property and also in public accessible areas in front of the accommodation facilities.

A crib with a stool can be ordered free of charge for a child under 3 years of age. The participation of more than one child under 3 years of age in the building is, for capacity reasons, to be consulted in advance with landlord. The landlord reserves the right not to accommodate in the entire capacity of the accommodation person under the age of 18 without supervision, at least one legally qualified person over 18 years of age who will participate in the entire length of stay.

In order to increase the temperature and relaxed comfort of the accommodation, there is a fireplace stove with detected firewood. The fireplace stove is served only by a trained person over 18 years of age (the instruction is carried out by the landlord or by the person authorized by him on the day of arrival). In order to respect the environment and reduce energy, we ask that you stay in the winter for a long time without serious reasons for Nevětrali.

For a longer stay, towels are changed after a week on request. Housekeeping is provided during the stay (Basic cleaning aids are available in the accommodation). Accommodation is obliged to pass on the proprietor holiday property in State in which it was taken A With Odklizenými rubbish. In case of breach of this obligation, the landlord is entitled to charge the amount of CZK 5.000 for final cleaning.

The accommodation is not allowed to bring to the interior of the property, sports equipment and items for the safekeeping of which is reserved.

Use of the pool and facilities of the accommodation facilities

In the accommodation area there is a swimming pool with a size of 3.5 meters with a depth of water of 0.9 meters, which serves exclusively for home self-service use without supervision of a lifeguard. The swimming pool and facilities located within the accommodation area may only be used by accommodation at your own risk, in accordance with the principles and instructions of the proprietor or by the person authorized by him. After training the House takes responsibility for the user operation and its maintenance. The accommodation is forbidden without permission proprietor any manipulation of the pool equipment. In the event of damage or failure, the resident is obliged to report this fact immediately to proprietor. Any damages resulting from unauthorised manipulation, or caused by violation of binding legal regulations, or violation of the accommodation regulations are obliged to replace the full amount of proprietor.

Pool Policies

The principle of using the pool is primarily intended to protect the health and safety of all visitors in the accommodation facility. People using the pool are obliged to familiarise themselves with this policy and to adhere to them. The user may be banned from the pool when Neukázněném behaviour, violation of morality and non-observance of the principles.

Use of the pool

  • Children under 10 years of age are only permitted to be accompanied by a person with full legal capacity, who is responsible for the entire period of stay for the child
  • For hygienic reasons users are allowed to bathe only in clean swimsuits
  • Admission to persons in a drunk state or under the influence of drugs and to persons affected by any disease endangering the health of others (skin rashes, purulent wounds, bacilonosiči of intestinal diseases, persons with inflammation of the eye conjunctivitis, etc.) is forbidden
  • It is also forbidden to enter persons in quarantine for infection, family members or household members in which a communicable disease has occurred and the sick is not isolated
  • Before entering the pool, users are obliged to use showers for hygienic reasons, where they are properly washeded and showered
  • Users are obliged to conserve equipment, save water and energy
  • Users must move on wet surfaces with special care and prevent possible injuries, as the operator is not liable for damage caused by his own carelessness, indiscipline and failure to adhere to the principles of swimming pool use.
  • Valuable items must be stored properly by the users, otherwise the owner is not liable for loss or theft, the objects found in the pool object are the Finder is obliged to surrender the proprietor who will write about this
  • For arbitrary damage and contamination of the equipment, each user is personally liable and is liable to pay the damage (the purchase price of the item or the price to be quantified)
  • Users are obliged to behave in such a way that they or others have suffered no harm to health and do not bother with their behavior other (Shout, run, clash of the other person into the pool, jump into the water with a while, jump from the sides to the pool etc.)
  • Strictly forbidden to urinate in water, spit, rinse mouth and nose in water, use any ointments and creams before and during bathing and in any way pollute water
  • The use of SOAP, shampoo and personal hygienic needs is only allowed in showers
  • The swimming pool is forbidden to take and throw gum, glass cases, needles, pins, razor blades and all objects endangering the safety of persons
  • The swimming pool is strictly forbidden to enter any animals

Presence of animals

The accommodation is not allowed to stay with animals. Exceptions to this principle are permitted by the proprietor, who in this case also lays down the fee for the animal and the conditions of his stay.

Article V.

Rights and obligations of proprietor and accommodation

Rights and obligations proprietor

The landlord has the right on the day of the stay to conduct a tour of the accommodation in the presence of accommodated. The landlord is not liable for damage to health and any damage to the property of the accommodation, which arose by their carelessness, carelessness, negligence, misuse of accessories, improper supervision, or violation of the accommodation regulations.

The Proprietor shall:

  • Surrender in the Dojednaném term to the accommodation in a condition eligible for proper use and ensure the undisturbed performance of their rights associated with the entire period of the stay
  • Take care to remove the reported faults without undue delay
  • Observe the appropriate technical and hygienic conditions in the premises intended for accommodation

The right of duty to accommodate

The hotel has the right to use the premises for accommodation and all its equipment (according to the list of provided equipment) in compliance with the principles of good management. The resident has the right to require the removal of the identified defects, which prevents him from proper use.

The accommodation is obliged to:

  • To arrive at the point of embarkation, within a specified time, with the necessary documents referred to in article 2 (1). and accommodation regulations
  • To familiarise themselves with the accommodation regulations, which is an integral part of the accommodation agreement
  • Pay the advance price and the price for accommodation according to art. Iii. Accommodation regulations
  • Proper use of accommodation, keep order and cleanliness in the room
  • Without delay to announce the need to make repairs in the accommodation areas
  • promptly notify proprietor of any resulting damage to property located in the accommodation facility
  • To provide the proprietor, or the person authorised by him, with the synergies required to ensure the proper provision of accommodation
  • Behave in such a way as to disturb other excessive noise or otherwise
  • Follow the instructions and instructions of the proprietor or the person authorized by him
  • Refrain from anything that could lead to harm to his or her or another person’s health and property
  • Supervise children and, if necessary, ensure proper supervision to prevent possible injury or property damage
  • Payment of all damage caused to the full amount of
  • When leaving the accommodation, where fires are put up in the inner or outer areas, they must ensure safety so as not to create any damage to health or property
  • When leaving the accommodation, properly secure it against the intrusion of unauthorized persons (locking, in the room turn off the lights, close windows and doors)

Accommodated must not:

  • Without the consent of proprietor leave the premises reserved for accommodation to another person under a contractual penalty 5.000,-CZK
  • Make substantial changes to the accommodation
  • Without the consent of proprietor to use in the accommodation premises own appliances, except hairdryer, curling irons, razor
  • Smoking in all indoor areas of the accommodation facility
  • To hold, produce or preserve narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, poisons – if the medicine is not
  • Carry the weapon and ammunition or otherwise keep it in a condition that allows them to be used immediately

Article VI.

Claim and withdrawal

The customer (accommodated) has the right to claim if the accommodation has not been provided in the agreed range or quality. The reminder or the complaint lodged must be applied to the proprietor immediately in order to be removed. Should the reminder or defect not be rectified, it is necessary to write an entry between the two parties.

  • The proprietor shall ensure that the reported defects are removed without undue delay.
  • The customer (accommodated) has the right to withdraw from the contract for accommodation. Withdrawal from the contract shall be governed by cancellation terms.
  • The client may withdraw from the contract without the cancellation fee, if he does so in writing to the e-mail: within 14 days of the binding reservation, and without prejudice to the right of proprietor to cover the costs incurred.
  • The proprietor has the right to withdraw from the accommodation contract if the resident is grossly infringing the obligations laid down in the contract or the accommodation regulations.
  • In the event of termination of the accommodation contract by proprietor, this reserve the right to invite guests to leave the accommodation without the right to the reimbursement of the residence fee.
  • Withdrawal from the contract shall be written and delivered to the other participant via the chosen electronic communication. Withdrawal from the accommodation agreement does not affect claims arising in connection with this contract.
  • In the case of cancellation of a stay for which an advance payment has already been made, and according to the amount of the cancellation policy, the amount of the advance paid is higher than the actual cancellation of the total amount, the landlord is obliged to refund the amount exceeding the cancellation fee.

Article VII.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy applies to the cancellation of reservation of accommodation services made between the customer (accommodated) and landlord. The cancellation fee is calculated from the total order amount, not the prepayment amount. Cancellation fees apply only to confirmed written orders (e-mail). Cancellation of the order of residence can be made by the proprietor and the customer only in writing (e-mail).

In the event of cancellation by the proprietor due to unforeseen events (fire, floods, etc.), the other Party shall not have the right to compensation for damage or any additional costs incurred in connection with the replacement accommodation. In this case, the landlord will offer a different term for accommodation by mutual consent. If for legal reasons or for reasons expressly agreed between the proprietor and the customer (accommodated) proceed as above, the landlord is liable for possible damage up to a maximum amount of 2.000,-CZK or up to an amount of 1/20 actually Damage incurred. Lost profits are not reallocated.

In the event of cancellation of the reservation by the customer, in which the damage proprietor and this resulting injury cannot be prevented, the proprietor is entitled to charge cancellation fees under the following conditions:

Reserve part of accommodation capacity

  • Cancellation fee is not charged in case of written cancellation within 14 days from its binding order see. Article. Vi. Accommodation regulations
  • If cancelled more than 14 days before the date of arrival and 14 days after the binding reservation will be charged 50% of the total price of the reservation
  • If cancelled 7 – 14 days before date of arrival will be charged 70% of the total price of the reservation
  • For of or cancellations less than 7 days before the date of arrival will be charged 100% of the total price of the reservation
  • In case of cancellation due to unavoidable events (death in the family, hospitalization of the customer, resident or family member, serious illness, elemental disaster) , the cancellation fee is not charged – the stated facts are required by the client Document proprietor not later than 3 days after their inception.
  • In case of cancellation for other serious reasons, it is possible, after agreement, to change the term or booking to another person at the same or another date according to the usability of the capacity of the accommodation facility
  • To cover the cancellation fee, the proprietor is entitled to use the deposit already made for the accommodation

Article VIII.

Final provision

This accommodation order is an integral part of the contract for accommodation according to § 2326 et seq. Z. No. 89/2012 Coll. Noz. The accommodation is governed by the Czech legal regulations. The customer (accommodation) accepts accommodation regulations as contractual conditions of accommodation and is obliged to comply in full. Accommodation is obliged to familiarise themselves with the property regulations – its ignorance will not be taken into account. The customer (accommodation) agrees to the processing and preservation of his/her personal data with proprietor within the meaning of Act No. 101/2000 Coll. Privacy Policy and amending certain laws. The proprietor declares that the data provided will not be made available to third parties. The customer (accommodation) also gives consent to use his electronic contact (email) To send commercial communications from the proprietor. Such consent may be revoked at any time. The accommodation regulations apply to all stays in the accommodation of the Lusatian mountains and enter into force on 1.1. 2016.

Important Telephone numbers

Hospital Liberec + 420 485 311 111

Firefighters 150

Police 158

Rescue Service 155

Hana Nepivodová 00420 736 671 784

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